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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to attend class?
    None! That's right...there are no prerequisite courses or certifications needed to take the class. Anyone with a positive & ready to learn attitude is welcome in class!
  • Will I receive a training kit with the purchase of my class seat?
    Yes! You will receive a full kit to get you all started to take PAYING clients once you leave class.
  • Will we learn how to get clients?
    Yes! You will receive instruction on how and where to get clients?
  • How long is class?
    Each class is different. If you click the training tab it will take you right to the page that you can access the registration button. From the registration page you will be able to see all classes available and the duration as well as all the other class details you may be interested in knowing.
  • Will I get a state license?
    Once upon class completion you will receive a certificate of completion stating that you have met the instructors satisfaction and are able to perform the procedure safely. You will need to obtain state licensing from your state and/or county of residence in order to perform these services in a licensed facility.
  • How long does it take to learn how to apply eyelash extensions?
    Everyone is different. Some people go home the same day they took class and start performing the procedure. Others may feel more comfortable practicing for several weeks or months after class until they take a paying client. Regardless of you either one you will feel comfortable and confident in your skills after you take our classes. Our instructors are always available moving forward for any questions or concerns you may have as well.
  • Do I need to pay the full class price upfront?
    No. Just the deposit is required to hold your seat in class and then the remaining balance is due at registration/check in just before the start of class.
  • What is your refund policy?
    If for whatever reason you need to miss class you will be able to select another class date to attend. If you need to cancel for medical reasons and require a refund you will need to provide proof from a medical professional of the reason.
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