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We offer a variety ofMicroblading courses!



We continue to offer continued mentorship after your training!  Of course, you will continue to receive support after training! Our instructors are only a call, email or text away and questions and concerns can be answered quickly.


Our high-energy, experienced instructors take pride in education! You will definitely leave our workshop feeling empowered and confident in the skills and knowledge you learn.

Starter Kits Include:

The kit provided to you is complete with quality products.

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Permanent Makeup Machine (shading class only)

  • A variety of Microblading blades w/ different sizes and  configurations

  • A variety of Shading needles w/ different sizes and configurations 

  •  Quality Pigment  

  • Effective eyebrow wax pencil  

  • Measuring Ruler  (key to achieving perfect symmetry and brow shape)

  • Artificial Skins (variety of brows outlines & stencils)

  • Aluminum Hand Tool (Reusable w/ sterilization)

  • Effective Numbing Agent

What will I learn?

  • Proper Microblading & Shading techniques

  • How to use the Permanent Makeup Machine properly 

  • Brow Shapes and Design

  • Hair Strokes and Patterns

  • Proper Stretch

  • Proper Numbing

  • Skin Tone, Color Theory

  • Brow Mapping 

  • Skin anatomy (skin & brow structure) 

  • Workstation setup & requirements

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Removing “Mistakes” 

  • Client Consultation & Aftercare 

  • Touch-up sessions

  • Business setup & requirements 

  • AND MORE!!

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