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Learn How to Lash

Lashing is an art form in which each individual lash is lengthened with precision using a false hair to accomplish a full and natural look. Learn how to properly customize and compliment the look of your clients' eyes through our introductory course to eyelash extensions. During this training course you will learn to efficiently and properly apply lash extensions. You will also receive the highest quality education in sanitation, lash design, eye anatomy, and client consultation. Included in this course is a step by step guided manual and certification upon completion of all requirements.

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Starter Kit Includes:

  • Training Manual & Pen

  • Tweezers (Straight & Curve)

  • Lash Addict Company Glue (one of the best on the market)

  • Lash Tray

  • Primer

  • Spoolies

  • Glue Rings

  • Microfiber Brushes

  • Eye Patches



  • Group training

  • Hands on training

  • Live Model demos                                                                                                      

  • Difference between classic and volume ​

  • Proper hand weight distribution

  • Lash styles 

  • Determing proper lash size 

  • Learn bottom lash technique

  • Proper isolation 

  • Mannequin Head Training 

  • Training Manual

  • Eyelash Kit 

  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Lash Design 

  • Eye Anatomy

  • Client Consultation

  • Supply List 

  • Brand Building 

  • Certificate of Completion of Lash Knowledge


Enroll in our online tutorial program to learn how to lash from anywhere in the world!!

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